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Open air party: the perfect sunglasses for festivals

Summer means festival season! As the temperatures rise, numerous events move outdoors, people flock together to dance to their favourite music – with a little luck, in glorious sunshine.

Festival sunglasses

Part of a cool festival is having a cool outfit, with the icing on the cake being a pair of funky sunglasses. Sunglasses are the ideal accessory for chilling to your favourite bands while keeping your eyes shaded and protected from bright sunlight. Here’s some advice regarding which sunglasses are the best match for your music taste and style.


Flower Power: sunglasses for hippy festivals

Baggy, highly colourful clothes made from natural materials: the Boho look is perfect for hippy festivals like Glastonbury or Coachella. The style is a little dreamy, with flowers or feathers in free-flowing hair or a floppy hat being just as essential as the right pair of sunglasses. The key ingredient here is of course retro. You can’t go wrong with panto glasses or large frames with round lenses that bring John Lennon to mind. Fine gold metal frames also look great at a hippie festival. If you want sunglasses made out of acetate, then go for gentler colours that lend your outfit a romantic touch.

We love Rock’n’Roll: sunglasses for rock festivals

You want to rock out to drums and guitar riffs? Then you can probably be found at festivals like Download. Alongside the obligatory boots and leather jacket, the ideal sunglasses for a rock festival will have a black frame made out of either plastic or metal, usually with super cool dark lenses. As the glasses tend to be darker, you might want to go for a more striking style of frame, such as cut outs or half-rim sunglasses.

Sunblock don’t stop: sunglasses for hip hop festivals

Hip hop festivals like Boom Bap are now huge all over Europe. The in-look here involves a cool yet casual style: a baggy shirt with a statement on it, trainers that allow you to dance through the night, a baseball cap to keep the sun off your head. Various sunglasses provide the perfect finishing touch. Monoshades can be seen both up on stage and among the crowd. They stand out due to their bold and unusual design. Meanwhile cool black Wayfarers never go out of fashion. Aviator style sunglasses with a golden frame are also ideal for adding a touch of bling.

Electronic beats: sunglasses for electro festivals

At electro festivals like Creamfields the buzzword is colour, with in-your-face neon tones adorning shoes, shirts, caps and of course sunglasses. Not only colourful frames, but also colourful mirrored lenses are a perfect expression of a more extravagant style. Both plastic and metal frames look great when you’re dancing to electronic beats.

Our tip

If you usually wear glasses, then obviously you don’t want to have to swap them for a pair of sunglasses that may look cool but leave you dancing in the dark due to poor vision. One option is to wear contact lenses with your shades. The alternative is to choose from our great range of prescription sunglasses - on the left side of the screen just use the “prescription-ready” filter option.

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