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Extreme H2O Thin

Monthly disposable

Extreme Extreme H2O Thin front view


  • 59% water content
  • 14.2mm lens diameter
  • For dry eyes
  • Hioxifilcon A
  • Water content: 59%
  • Lens diameter: 14.2 mm
  • Oxygen permeability: 33 Dk/t
  • Base curve: 8.6 mm
  • Powers available: +6.00D to -8.00D in 0.25D grades (0.5D grades from -6.00D)
  • Contents: 6 contact lenses
  • Hydrogel Vision

Addtional Information

Extreme H2O Thin Monthly disposable

Biocompatible monthly lenses for dry eyes

Extreme H2O contact lenses are new additions to the Mister Spex range. The Extreme H2O family features Extreme H2O Standard; Extreme H2O Thin for sensitive eyes; Extreme H2O Xtra for those who need robuster contact lenses; and Extreme H2O Toric for eyes with astigmatism.

Extreme H2O Thin contact lenses are the ideal solution for dry and sensitive eyes. They are distinguished by their especially thin shape and consequently sit comfortably on the eye. Thin contact lenses are generally more delicate, but the Extreme H20 Thin lenses increase oxygen permeability. Mucin, a substance produced in the human body, is incorporated in the main lens material to help bind moisture. As a result, the lenses stand up to long and demanding use, and only lose 1% of their moisture after being worn for 12 hours. Problems concerning comfort and stability caused by dry eyes are a thing of the past with Extreme H20 Thin monthly lenses. The nonionic material prevents the formation of protein and lipid deposits.

Extreme H20 Thin monthly lenses are suitable for people who wear their lenses for long periods each day. People who suffer from dry eyes due to working in front of a computer or in air-conditioned environments can also benefit from the gentle touch of Extreme H20 Thin monthly lenses.

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Please note

Mister Spex advises all online purchasers of Extreme H2O Thin: the contact lenses, Extreme H2O Thin, should always be fitted to your eyes by an eye doctor or optician. The period between fittings, unless otherwise prescribed by an eye doctor or optician, should not exceed 6 months. You should go for regular check-ups. The manufacturer Hydrogel Vision/your eye doctor/optician's recommended wearing time for Extreme H2O Thin contact lenses should be followed strictly. It is your own personal responsibility to make yourself aware of the care instructions for Extreme H2O Thin contact lenses and to follow them accordingly. In case of eye irritation or visual impairments caused by Extreme H2O Thin, remove the contact lenses immediately and consult an eye docteplaced immediately.

Failure to comply with these safety precautions can cause permanent damage to your eyes and vision.

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